If you’re in the market to replace your worn out roof, you may be thinking about what season will be the most convenient for you- both in terms of pricing as well as weather. Is the slower season of spring the best time to snag the lowest prices? Or perhaps the warmth of the summer or cooler temps of autumn are best?

Below you’ll find out expert opinion on when is the best time to replace my roof from local Bolingbrook roofers serving our community for over 23+ years. We hope you find this article helpful!

Peak Season- Late Summer/ Fall

What This Means: due to the sunny weather and clear skies, a lot of work can be done and timing is on your side. The days are longer and the weather is good.

Something to think about peak season also means that there is a high demand for installers and materials which will come at a higher cost. High demand will mean the schedules are busier so it is good to schedule your appointment to sign a contract as early as possible to accommodate for any possible material delays and to secure your spot for installation at a time that works best for you.

Off Season- Early Spring/ Winter

During this time period, it is a great time to get a quote for you roof replacement and sign a contract. To get ahead of the Summer Rush, Spring time is a great window of opportunity to install a roof- as long as you understand that it is a weather permitting job.

Now when it comes to winter, there are other challenges to consider: snowfall and freezing temperatures make it difficult to work with asphalt shingle roofs, so it’s best install the roof above freezing temperatures. Temperatures below freezing cause roofing shingles to lose flexibility becoming difficult to cut as well as insert nails. Furthermore, some winters are particularly harsh and are prone to ice damming. We recommend looking at What Is Ice Damming? (And Why Does An Ice Shield Matter), to be well aware of the risks.

Although on the bright side, winter is a usually not a very busy time to schedule an appointment for a quote, so snagging those lower material cost prices might be a great deal! Again, make sure that the weather is above freezing if winter is your preferred season of choice.

Final words

Whichever season you find works best for your schedule and budget, call up your local Bolingbrook Roofing Company with a reputable 5 star review reputation to get a quote started as soon as you’re ready. A company like ours, Bolingbrook Promar Roofing, has over 23 years of experience and is ready to schedule your free appointment for a full roof replacement.

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